Projects: Weyburn Labs


This is a record of past activity that should resume some day, probably when I have a house with a garage.

Jacaranda Lab:

Chris Clark, [anonymous], and I are planning on working on a few projects while we're here at UCLA. Others are welcome to help and join in the fun! This page is meant to help us organize our plans and catalogue our progress.

Picture of Clark, [anonymous], and Forrester dismantling a microwave oven. Picture of a disassembled television.

We have begun acquiring equipment and are disassembling various appliances to harvest parts and investigate the workings of the appliances.

Possible Projects / Project Topics:

We're currently in the brainstorming (and acquiring) phase, thinking about which projects we'd like to do. Ideally, our major projects will relate with each other in some fashion. The smaller projects may just be random acts of technology. Here's a list of ideas:

Hey, guys, take a look at this site for Science Toys. For instance, the page on the Gauss rifle. And, as Chris pointed out, we may find inspiration and information from Sam Barros' Power Labs.


Here are some links to help us become familiar with the risks and hazards that our equipment and projects pose:


We may need to purchase some special parts, so we may need these special sources:

Otherwise, we may try trash rooms, junk yards, thrift stores, et cetera.