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Here are some more videos that I think are worth our time and may motivate further study. You should be sure to also check out the related Must See videos on the Main Links page.

Noam Chomsky:

If we examine the facts of government actions and ignore (or take note of) the hypocritical rhetoric, we become much more skeptical of the government and the corporate media that enables it. This information should anger but also empower you. In the interview (Conversations with History) below, some of Chomsky's optimism is expressed.

Milton Friedman:

As with Noam Chomsky, Milton Friedman (Nobel Laureate economist) makes it clear that it is necessary to examine the facts about what really happens in reality (and not rely on nice, convincing rhetoric and theory) to decide what policies are best. I don't know for sure who is right or what facts are most important, but Friedman has made me more skeptical about the effectiveness of government economic policies. I have since become much more in favor of private voluntary means (which could be national in scale) of addressing inequity in ability and outcomes, rather than coercive means backed by government force.

Ron Paul:

With the background of Chomsky and Friedman, Paul's message of freedom and non-interventionism makes a lot of sense. He ties all of his issues together with the importance of sound monetary policy: not only are banking and Federal Reserve policies unfair and economically dangerous, but they enable disastrous government foreign policy and abuses.

Peter Schiff:

Schiff was an economic adviser to Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign.