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General setup, Internet proxy server settings, Creating a UCLA website

General Setup

Internet Proxy Server Settings

UCLA subscribes to certain websites that have restricted access, like the online Oxford English Dictionary, so that when you are on campus computers you can have full access to these sites. If you are not using a campus computer, but you have a Bruin Online (BOL) account (i.e., a UCLA logon id and password), you can gain access to these sites using the BOL proxy server.

More information is on the BOL Proxy Server page, along with a link to a list of the "proxied websites".

I use Linux with KDE, and to set up the proxy server I followed this procedure:
K-Menu -> Control Center -> Internet & Network -> Proxy, select "Use the following proxy configuration URL", and enter "http://proxy.ucla.edu/cgi/proxy" in the field.

Creating a UCLA Website

Bruin Online, along with other services, provides a web hosting service for students and the instructions on how to create and upload your webpages.